Many people have seen the HBO hit series, Sex and The City, where stylish ladies with seemingly unlimited funds live a lifestyle of which most of us could only dream. Avid fans from around the world watch the show with envy, wishing they too could shop daily at Armani and date Wall Street executives. For most people, though, life in New York City is not filled with Fifth Avenue shopping sprees or Cosmopolitans in SoHo. Let’s face it; New York is expensive and the lives portrayed in the movies and on TV are often unrealistic. How can a student, an entry level employee or a tourist on a budget get by in the most expensive city in the United States? What are some cheap or free things to do in NYC? Where are all the deals at?

CheapInTheCity.com is a site dedicated to answering those exact questions.

Contributors to this site are New York City students, recent grads, struggling artists and others who live in the city and know how to do so cheaply. Even those without trust funds can learn to survive (and still have fun!) in the Big Apple, by taking the advice of these frugal city dwellers.

Our site went live November 2008.

Press Room

CheapInTheCity.com was mentioned and quoted in the New York Daily News on January 10, 2011 - "Free & Cheap Fitness in NYC"



We are currently hiring freelance writers in New York City and Washington, DC. If you live in or know these cities well and if you have experience as a writer or journalist (or are maybe studying journalism or a releated field), we may be looking for you!

We offer competitive pay and flexible hours while working in some of the most amazing cities in the world.

If you're interested, please email your resume and cover letter (optional) to: Careers@CheapInTheCity.com